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Bartlett is located along the I-40 Corridor in Northeast Shelby County. The Corridor comprises eight zip codes and is the largest submarket in the Memphis metro area. Over the past decade Bartlett grew by 35% and has a current population of about 60,000 making it Tennessee’s 10th largest city. Bartlett is recognized as the epicenter for the state’s medical device manufacturing sector and home for a number of locally grown companies that have surpassed the $100 million threshold.

Other jurisdictions within the market include: Lakeland, Arlington, Memphis /Cordova, Memphis/Raleigh and unincorporated Northeast Shelby County. Combined this area has a population of approximately 250,000 or roughly 20% of the metro market.

Bartlett has consistently been ranked among the best livable communities in the nation based on size with such accolades as; best cities for home ownership, safest cities, cities on the rise, best sports cities and best small cities. Bartlett prides itself on having the highest homeownership among Tennessee’s top 10 cities.  Within a ten mile radius of the intersection of I-40 and Germantown Parkway are over 15,000 businesses, 225,000 employees and 150,000 households. The average age is 37 with an average household income of just over $80,000.

The economy of the area is diverse with no dominating industries or sectors. The retail sector employs about 42,000 with an average of 13 employees per business. Finance, Insurance & Real Estate employs about 17,000, Manufacturing a little over 13,000, Wholesale Trade and the Construction sectors both employ roughly 8,500 and Government is responsible for about 6,500. The largest single sector is Service at 77,000 employees with the largest industries being Health Services (28,000), General Services (30,000) and Education (10,000).

Primary industries play a major role in the region’s economic strength. Many of these businesses operate as regional, national and international headquarters and are located in the corporate and industrial parks along the I-40 Corridor. Many of these companies are home grown with multi-million dollar operations. There are four companies headquartered in the I-40 Corridor with sales in excess of $1 billion. Numerous industry clusters have evolved within the corridor including medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, hospitality, agribusiness / food processing, IT service and general electronics.

The Northeast Shelby County workforce is perhaps the best in the Memphis Metropolitan area and very likely one of the best overall labor markets in the  region. Bartlett and the I-40 Corridor provides existing and prospective employers with a wide choice of skills and college degrees combined with a strong work ethic typical of this part of the country.

Bartlett and its neighbors are a thriving residential and business community with a bright economic future. Thousands of acres of residential, commercial and industrial land available for development will carry the region well into the 21st Century with an estimated build-out population of 500,000.

Given the strength of the local economy’s commercial base, the Strategic Partners primary focus is to utilize our key assets as magnets for future growth. Growth industries identified for particular emphasis are: Life Sciences, Agribusiness, Retail & Hospitality, Sustainability Sector and entrepreneurism. Our long term strategy also addresses topics and issues that are crucial for a viable economy, i.e., career development, commercial real estate development, existing business retention and community enhancement.


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Doing Business In Bartlett

The Bartlett Area Chamber actively supports new business expansion in the Bartlett Area. Our Staff stands ready to assist your business with:

  • Selecting the ideal location
  • Reviewing your incentive entitlements
  • Obtaining the appropriate permits
  • Identifying your workforce

Our goal is to ensure that you and your company experience a pleasant and productive business environment

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