Economic Development

Serve as the ‘Go To’ organization for the promotion, marketing and facilitator of economic development initiatives and projects in Northeast Shelby County.

Bartlett Ten Year Economic Development Plan

  • Continue to develop Vision 20/20 a 10 year strategic plan to promote economic development for the Bartlett Area.
  • Host multiple strategy session with Strategic Partners
  • Launch Vision 20/20 Website and Frame for alternate sites
  • Continue implementation of marketing plan
  • Recruit additional investment from public and private sectors to fund initiative

Life Science Initiative

Promote the area as a viable Life Science Corridor and work with existing Life Science companies to identify industry enhancement opportunities.

  • Update list of all Life Science related companies
  • Conduct meetings or consultations with all companies
  • Work with Educational programs to address issues with workforce
  • Develop a marketing campaign to promote the Life Sciences
  • Further relationships with area organizations, ie: Innova, Memphis BioWorks, etc.
  • Determine need for Life Science Park in Bartlett
  • See also Life Science Action Plan and Initiatives

Strategic Partners & Economic Investors

Continue to develop a public / private partnership where investors share their concerns and visions for the region and work in a cooperative manner to establish goals and objectives.

  • Continue to solicit public & private investors interested in supporting a long term economic strategy for Bartlett and the Northeast Corridor
  • Cultivate relationships with existing Strategic Partners
  • Conduct at least three informational progress meetings with Strategic Partners

New Business Development

Continue to develop a business recruitment strategy for the Northeast Corridor market that targets specific industries conducive for the Bartlett Area. Market to key cluster industries and define synergies. Continue to promote Bartlett to retail/commercial opportunities.

  • Coordinate with the overall ED strategy

Existing Business Program

Continue current existing business program and maintain an accurate database of consultations. Play an active role in Shelby County’s Existing Business Team. Coordinate appointments with local businesses (Chamber members and non-members) to address business concerns and offer assistance and incentives to encourage growth and development.

  • Remain an active member of the Shelby County Existing Business Team
  • Maintain current database of existing business consultations
  • Define ‘At Risk Companies’ and establish plan of action

Business Inventory

Continue to Develop and maintain a database of primary industries within Northeast Shelby County by industry classifications, employees, market size, etc.

  • Update Largest Employers List in 2011
  • Enhance the database already begun and manage effectively
  • Update Corporate Park information in greater Bartlett Area
  • Conduct at least one in-leakage vs. out-leakage opportunity gap analysis
  • Archive press clippings about area businesses and future developments

Workforce Development

Work with area agencies and businesses to address the concerns related to the local workforce. Conduct strategy meetings with Southwest Tennessee Community College, National College, area High Schools and other educational institutions.

  • Determine high demand occupations
  • Work with local educational programs and organizations to facilitate programs that address concerns of the local business community
  • Get local companies involved in discussions and programs geared to promote workforce development
  • Further enhance and develop

International Development

Provide assistance and educational opportunities for area businesses interested in exporting and /or importing.

  • Conduct import /export workshops
  • Work closely with US Foreign Commercial Service
  • Identify and inventory businesses engaged in international commerce
  • Identify and inventory foreign-owned companies in the Northeast Corridor
  • Maintain active membership in Japan American Society of Tennessee
  • Establish identity with Foreign Consulates in the Southeast US

Real Estate Database

Maintain a complete inventory of existing and potential land, buildings and infrastructure in market area. Keep records of vacancy rates and absorption rates for retail, office and industrial properties. Assist in updating commercial and industrial properties throughout Bartlett and the Northeast Market. Utilize Co-Star as the definitive source of commercial properties within the I-40 Corridor.

  • Maintain service with Co-Star
  • Conduct an informational summit on real estate assets in N.E. Shelby County – coordinate with Co-Star Representative
  • Conduct study of retail and industrial vacancy rates vs. absorption

Marketing Material

Initiate a new inventory of promotional materials (print & electronic) that enhances the image of the Bartlett Area as an exceptional place to live, work, shop & play. Continue to make upgrades and enhancements to the Economic Development portion of the chamber’s website. (

  • Develop economic development collateral that effectively utilizes print and electronic media
  • Develop a marketing strategy for Life Science Industry
  • Coordinate all marketing efforts with City, Strategic Partners and Ad agency of record
  • Determine which trade shows and conferences are most important and attend
  • Further develop social networking sites, ie: Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog
  • Explore Google Earth as a marketing option
  • Develop International Development Initiative
  • Develop website to promote Bartlett Station Historic District
  • Enhance marketing efforts to promote N.E. Shelby County Corporate Parks
  • Search Engine Optimization: Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

Industry Appreciation Picnic

Continue annual event to celebrate the economic contributions made by the primary industry sector with an event aimed at the businesses of Bartlett Corporate Park and the surrounding area.

  • Conduct a picnic for May 2011 hosted by Strategic Partners

Bartlett Station Historic District

Work on branding and marketing the Bartlett Stations Historic District for revitalization. Build relationships with property owners and tenants. Help with recruitment of new retailers to the area.

  • Update website (
  • Work on marketing and branding website and district
  • Help coordinate events that attract people to the area
  • Develop plan for 84 Lumber site
  • Encourage property owners to get involved
  • Strategize with Bartlett Station Commission and property owners
  • Strategize with Bartlett High School

Commercial Real Estate Summit

Conduct at least one Commercial Real Estate Summit to introduce area brokers, developers, and agents to the assets and services of the area.

  • Intern Program
  • Continue a curriculum for students interested in pursuing a career in economic development and related activities. Use the program as a tool in furthering the resources of the chamber.
  • Continue the intern program with Rhodes College and other local institutions of higher learning
  • Work with Chamber staff to create more projects for interns to better utilize time and resources

Branding Bartlett Corporate Park

Initiate an enhancement program for Bartlett’s greatest economic asset – Bartlett Corporate Park. Develop a brand for the park which will include a website, signage and printed collateral that can be used as a marketing tool and also to increase the Park’s value for existing and prospective tenants.

  • Conduct a survey of existing tenants and determine the level of investment required for an effective program
  • Work in tandem with the Primary Industry Council and the City of Bartlett

Team Green Zone

Continue to promote and develop Team Green Zone as the area’s resource for everything Green.

  • Attract new Team Green Zone ‘Seekers’ & ‘Providers’
  • Track the progress and set goals
  • Launch Team Green Zone website
  • Host quarterly meetings or seminars with Seekers and Providers
  • Further Relationships with city and state officials
  • (see also Department of Energy Efficiency for additional details)

Shelby County Chambers of Commerce Alliance

The BACC is part of a consortium made up of all six suburban chambers of commerce in Shelby County. The purpose of the Alliance is to represent the business community of suburban Shelby County in County, State & Federal matters. By speaking with one unified voice the Alliance represents over 2000 businesses. The influence of such a large body of diverse businesses is crucial to ensure that the needs and issues of suburban businesses are being addressed.

  • Use the Alliance in developing a Legislative Agenda
  • Allow the Alliance to represent the suburban chambers in its economic development strategy with the County.
  • Petition the County for fair representation in matters relating to economic development


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